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prophetic calling

Signs of the Prophetic Calling

What are the signs of the prophetic calling? How to identify a prophet? Well before the Lord me to prophetic training, I had my own personal idea of what a prophet was and what the prophetic calling should look like. Most of the pictures that I had about a prophet were really based on the Old Testament, because after all it is the part of the bible where you saw most prophets. Maybe you are the same, or maybe you have no clue what prophets do look like. Well if this is the case then I am going to help you a bit.

A prophet is someone who has a desire to set the captives free and to heal the broken hearted. It is something that burns in him/her. You say well, “I thought it was the evangelist who did this.” You are right, I got confused too. But there is a difference between the prophetic calling and the evangelistic calling. The difference is their emphasis. The evangelist burns to set the captives free and heal the broken-hearted among the unbelievers, while the prophet has a great emphasis on the church and the people of God. The prophet longs to rescue the prodigals and the backsliders in the church.

The prophets understand them more than anybody else because they have been there. They have been facing rejection all their lives, they know what it feels like to be rejected and put down. A person with a prophetic calling goes through phases of shame and humiliation. It is inevitable; it is part of their prophetic preparation.

But this is not all; they see the potential in others and desire to help them identify their ministry. This is a major part of the prophetic calling.

Prophets think allegoriquely, they think in pictures, without pictures they cannot function properly. Whatever you tell them, they have to convert it into picture before they can understand it. It is the language they understand the most.

Another characteristic of the prophetic calling is that prophets flow naturally into the gifts of the Spirit and most of the time they are not aware of it. If you dared say to them that they operate in the gifts, they are likely to deny it, because for them it is nothing special, it is just natural, they just flow into them.

There are two other things that are natural to prophets: they have a strong prayer orientation and they are anointed in music or song. They love to lead others into prayer and worship. I remember when the Lord was showing me the signs in my own life, one thing that I remember is that, I could use the same old hymns that are sung every Sunday, to lead worship, yet the difference was amazing. The anointing was released in an amazing way. Yet the same songs are sang by choirs on Sundays, yet nothing seems to happen. It is impossible to have prophetic calling and not having a passion for music, praise and worship and intercession. If they don’t by the time their preparation or training is over, they will.

The prophets also have a unique approach, i.e. they are always different and they are always doing things differently. They see things others don’t see. They just like to rock the boat, they don’t care. Even when they try hard not to, it still does happen, they do rock the boat. And this really causes them to be rejected and not to fit anywhere.

Another sign to watch out for in identifying prophets is that they swing the pendulum. One day they are zealous for the Lord and want to conquer the world and another day, they are so discouraged they don’t want to do anything. And this is one of the reasons why death has become a way of life to the prophet. Because although it is a sign that help identify the prophet, the Lord does not intend the prophet to stay like this. They need to move from swinging the pendulum to a place of maturity.

So this is a bit what to look out for if you want to identify a prophetic calling in a person. Of course this is just a guideline to help if you are not able to hear the Lord for yourself. But if you can hear the Lord for yourself, then of course, this is what you need. The Lord will show either through the prophetic gifts or directly what your calling is.

As I said earlier, one of the functions of the prophet is to identify gifts and callings in others. So the Lord can use a prophetic to reveal or confirm your prophetic calling. I am saying this last because so many people in the church are turning prophets into psychics and they don’t want to learn to hear the Lord for themselves. Because the greatest sign is actually a personal conviction from the Lord. If you don’t have the conviction of your prophetic calling, then you will not go that far. Even the revelation from a prophet of God cannot replace your personal conviction. This is why in terms of identifying gifts and callings in others, the New Testament prophet actually confirms the callings more than they predict.