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The Prophetic Vision

The Lord has revealed that we are now living in the time of the great move of God that will usher in the coming of the Lord Jesus! The move that will make the bride of Christ glorious and spotless. What will make the bride glorious? Simple – the GLORY of God. It is written that Christ in us is the Only Hope that we have to ever experience the GLORY of God.

Prophetic Mentorship

What is prophetic mentorship or mentoring? Can you find it in the bible? No you will not find mentorship or mentoring in the bible, but you will find the same concept. The biblical term for mentorship is discipleship. So why do we use the term mentorship or prophetic mentorship? We use mentorship simply because it a more popular and widespread term. So whenever you see the term mentorship or mentoring in our writings, remember that we are talking about discipleship and nothing else.

Prophetic Training

Prophetic Training starts when prophetic preparation comes to an end. You will be called to prophetic training when the Lord considers you to have been dealt with enough to come to an acceptable level of trustworthiness. At this point, the Lord is prepared to trust you with His secrets; He is prepared to put in anointing in you and make you His spokesman. This is when He calls you to prophetic training.

Prophetic Preparation

Prophetic Preparation is one of the most difficult preparations that any of the ministry offices has to face. It is not a work in the park believe me. It is really tough and if you don’t mean business with the Lord, you will give up right from the start. Prophetic preparation is in fact longer than prophetic training. So the next question is, why prophetic preparation and why does it have to be so tough.

Signs of the Prophetic Calling

What are the signs of the prophetic calling? How to identify a prophet? Well before the Lord me to prophetic training, I had my own personal idea of what a prophet was and what the prophetic calling should look like. Most of the pictures that I had about a prophet were really based on the Old Testament, because after all it is the part of the bible where you saw most prophets. Maybe you are the same, or maybe you have no clue what prophets do look like. Well if this is the case then I am going to help you a bit.

What Is The Prophetic Ministry?

Today, there is no doubt that God is restoring the prophetic ministry to the church as never seen before. Prophets are springing up from everywhere and people are more than ever aware of the prophetic ministry as never before. Of course this situation, which is quite new to the church in these endtimes, leads to many questions. Both simple church members as well as those called to the prophetic ministry have questions. Some of those questions are:

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