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ang_888- Jul 18, 2010 02:31 PM Reply
Here is a list of prophecies and revelations received in 2008 for the believer’s better understanding of the Lord’s Heart and Purposes, as well as for the believer’s edification. 18 Dec 2008 Freedom comes from Holiness. 18 Dec 2008 Those who do not walk in the freedom God has for them, stop the flow of those who do walk in the freedom. 3 Dec 2008 I pity My people for they do not understand what they could have in Me! 1 Dec 2008 Work and release the prophecies given to you, for every prophecy received is a talent used to release My Kingdom. Work and release every talent in its rightful place, for this is the bridge that will cause you to receive your next talent. An added talent can only come from the dispensation of a previous talent. That’s why the one who works 5 will gain 5; the one who works 2 will gain 2. But he who doesn’t release a talent causes the irreducible complexity of my Kingdom to stop functioning. (See Parable of the Talents) 1 Nov 08 What is Wisdom? Wisdom is the right application of revealed knowledge in a situation in order to bring about a righteous result. 24 Nov 08 The problem with the world’s system is that changeable circumstances are at the mercy of imposed set ups. 23 Nov 08 The Lord’s heart. “I rely on my obedient people to keep the illusionary circles open so that my will is accomplished.” 23 Nov 08 In times of Judgment, the Lord needs His obedient prophets in order to cancel the damaging works caused by other prophets ignorance so that they may provide for the faithful at a time when others are being judged. 23 Nov 08 A prophecy will be given to a prophet to give to a person. After the fulfillment of the prophecy a failure may occur within that fulfilled prophecy. The Lord may conceal the failure from the prophet. This concealment acts as a catalyst that will prompt man to reveal his proud and unbelieving heart. This achieves three things. 1) It prompts the prophet to seek God more for his own edification and humility. 2) Man has been exposed to the true state of his heart so there is no excuse before God. 3) God is glorified further. 23 Nov 2008 Many times where we fall and our hearts condemn us, is the point where God will come and bless us abundantly so that we may be held even more accountable. For the mercy and grace He shows us at this point of failure, is the same He expects us to give to others who fall so that they may be held accountable too. In this way no-one is with excuse. 23 Nov 2008 “Be open and willing to receive prophecy anytime (even if those closest to you don’t understand), not only on days or moments of rest. * The words of Jesus Christ are universal truth that apply to all men, of all classes and of all generations. No-one is with excuse. * Look for the keys of sequence for the sake of simplicity and time. Study the gospels and try to unlock the sequence of simplicity and time. * Every prophecy given by the Lord is a talent given to us that He wants us to put to use. If faithful in using or sharing it, He is bound by His Word to give more. * The Kingdom of God belongs to those who know the heart and mind of God and actively walk in it. * The nullified words and actions of the church (diluting scripture etc) for other purposes sake are preventative measures against the flow and blessing of the Lord. Those governed by such measures are victims of vain results. * Many desire to see what My hidden Face looks like. Your ears are to hear then receive when I speak. Your eyes are to see then perceive when I show. Your mouth to speak all you know, so then they may see the Face they do not know! * “The Gospels and the historical events concerning the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ have all been devised by God in such an infinite and wise way that no allowance is left for refute by the inferior ‘wisdom’ of mankind.” * The Lord may not always tell you directly what needs to be done in a situation, but will use a catalyst to reveal to you the true state of your heart which will prompt you to act according to His will. For if your heart is truly revealed to you, God will truly be revealed to you. In this way the will of God is accomplished, together with a true knowing of self and God. The catalyst God will use to reveal your heart is one that you should already be expected to know in the position you find yourself in. * For the prophets. “Be careful not to fall in the same sins of complacency that I send you to rebuke my people of. The circle of illusion must always be kept open by those who do my will. It is the open circles that will cause you to reach your God given destiny!” * What is prophecy? It is the seeking of the keys that will unlock the truth of God, then communicating revelation of truth through God’s eyes and heart (not your own) so as to be His representative before His people, so that no-one will be with excuse before the living God, for God must honor His Word and integrity. * I asked the Lord why some people receive / perceive more than others in the Kingdom. I sensed the Lord leading me along the lines that this depends on two things. 1. Understanding of a person through which I try to get through to them. 2. Flexibility of a person. The more flexible the person, the greater I can work through them. The greater their lack of understanding, the slower it takes for me to get through to them. However, some people have less understanding than others about My Ways, but because of their far greater flexibility, I can work through them more swiftly. * Wisdom is changeable according to what is fitting for every situation. * What is Peace? It is the certainty that God will bring His plan to fulfillment, in all its completion at the appointed time.
ang_888- Jul 24, 2010 09:32 AM Reply
31 Dec 2009 “The problem with most people is that they do not know how to weigh circumstances in their life in comparison to others and be grateful for what they have. This is what stops them from being merciful to others.” (See also The Parable of The Unmerciful Servant- Matthew 18:23-34) 28 Dec 2009 “Do not worry if you don’t find or understand what you are seeking now, for different times shed different lights and then you will see!” 26 Dec 2009 God will show mercy in the way He works things out when a person lacks knowledge for the sake of time. 23 Dec 2009 “People go to church and listen to sermons or they hear testimonies to find out the ways of the Lord. But be alert, for what you hear may be correct, but this may also cause you to develop a pre-conceived misconception about God’s workings in your life. Therefore be alert and seek the Lord, for what you know about the Lord may be true, but may not be the way God will choose to work in your life.” 23 Dec 2009 “Be diligent to do what is required of you and what you have authority over, for death is at your doorstep.” (you only have this life to obey your calling) 27 Dec 2009 Be careful not to be distracted by those things that have the appearance of doing the Lord’s work but are actually distracting you from the things God wants for you. These distractions may come in the form of people who seem interested in knowing about the ways of God but who don’t succeed in or want to change their ways! Dec 2009 One morning in prayer I asked the Lord what it is that prevents people from coming to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and being saved? He said to me “Pre-conceived Misconceptions”. (This also applies to the church who have pre-conceived misconceptions about who God is, and how God works) 6 Dec 2009 The importance about why you shouldn’t hide behind your reasoning and think you are safe there or lean on your own understanding. “Because there is an invisible element of deception that eludes man even with his reasonable understanding.” 25 October 09 It is the Lord’s mercy that leads Him to be slow and patient with us. He expects His church to show the same patience and slowness with each other. 02 October 09 What is prophecy? “For the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy” It is the direct word from God Himself spoken into the life of a person. This Word isn’t subject to any tradition, Law (even if God initiated) or human understanding no matter how ‘scriptural’ it may seem. The motivation behind prophecy is Love, Mercy and Wisdom. 02 October 09 Those that walk in legalism prevent giving the other person what is rightfully theirs. 03 August 09 Wisdom is the mercy of God for man’s limited time on earth. 14 May 09 “There is a particular and vulnerable kind of patience that is needed during God’s crucial times, times when the world’s salvation is dependent on this patience. It is the kind of patience that Jesus Christ endured on the Cross. For if this patience is disrupted, salvation cannot come!” 13 May 09 There are two kinds of judgment. One that comes from the love of God and one that comes from the rejection of that love. 12 May 09 “The parables of Jesus were not only given to reveal the facts of reality but as a warning to bring those facts to their rightful place.”

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